EcomSphere regards the technologies it provides as essential instruments for business. Our value proposition can be quantified in terms of significant returns on investment, augmented revenue, and heightened web traffic. Our team comprises proficient experts specializing in the swift, tailored development of cloud-based, distributed, and standalone applications meticulously designed to cater to your organization’s distinct prerequisites and strategic objectives.

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EcomSphere: Delivering Tailored Business Solutions with Expertise

EcomSphere, headquartered in Miami, Florida, is a dynamic organization dedicated to developing and implementing business-focused solutions that align with the evolving demands of modern life. Our commitment revolves around swiftly delivering a substantial return on your investment.

At EcomSphere, we specialize in crafting a diverse spectrum of customized business solutions tailored precisely to your requirements. Our expertise spans the full application development lifecycle, encompassing analysis, design, development, testing, and deployment.

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With a wealth of insights and knowledge cultivated over the years, EcomSphere stands ready to support the successful and timely completion of your ongoing e-commerce and high-tech projects. We offer a rich pool of manpower and resources, enabling your organization to effectively implement top-tier technical solutions, thereby fueling your growth and securing your long-term competitive edge.

Our overarching objective is to elevate your revenue, enhance website traffic, elevate site engagement, facilitate seamless system migration, and foster unwavering customer loyalty. Whether you’re embarking on the journey of building a new business from the ground up or seeking strategies to maximize profitability in your existing enterprise, EcomSphere is your steadfast partner in achieving these goals.

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While the path to establishing and nurturing a business is fraught with challenges, it is also a profoundly rewarding endeavor. EcomSphere’s ultimate aim converges with each client’s aspiration – to ensure your sustained and thriving success.


Cesar Loo
Owner/Partner Solutions Lead
Cesar has forged a distinguished career in the realm of Information Technology, underpinned by a robust foundation in e-commerce. Over the course of his extensive career, he has garnered a wealth of experience in the IT domain, notably delivering cutting-edge solutions to prominent enterprises spanning the retail, consumer services, telecommunications, and manufacturing sectors. Cesar's professional journey is marked by a consistent record of excellence, underscored by his adeptness in a diverse range of roles, including Presales Specialist, Delivery Lead, E-commerce Subject Matter Expert (SME), Enterprise Architect, Solution Architect, Technical Architect, IT Consultant, and Software Engineer. His unwavering commitment to delivering innovative and impactful solutions has left an indelible mark in the field of Information Technology.
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Mariano Loo
Owner/Partner General Manager
Mariano contributed to the creation and deployment of various IT solutions, including 3rd Party Application Integration, Content Management Systems, and E-commerce Strategies, and managed cloud server systems. His responsibilities also extended to the administration and maintenance of websites for EcomSphere and other clients. Mariano has made significant contributions to research and innovation in simulation, presenting his work at national and international conferences. With his multifaceted expertise in simulation management, program administration, and IT consulting, Mariano is poised to make a profound impact in healthcare, education, and technology-driven environments. His passion lies in leveraging technology to enhance learning experiences, drive efficiency, and elevate patient outcomes.
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Robert Loo
Partner Information Manager
Robert is a highly seasoned information professional, boasting an extensive career spanning over 15 years. His expertise revolves around the intricate realms of metadata, taxonomies, and ontologies, essential components for the semantic enrichment of content within information management systems. What sets Robert apart is his exceptional adaptability. He has been the guiding force behind a diverse portfolio of companies, operating across various domains, many of which were in the throes of large-scale digital transformations. His ability to pivot seamlessly within these dynamic landscapes showcases his remarkable flexibility. Robert's robust technical acumen that truly shines. Through his mastery, he elevates digital experiences to new heights in the form of streamlined and highly engaging digital interfaces. In essence, Robert's wealth of experience, adaptability, and technical prowess converge to shape information landscapes that are not only well-organized but also deliver exceptional digital journeys.
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  • Diginal Strategy Assessment
  • User Experience and Interface Design
  • Web Content Management Solutions
  • Ecommerce blueprinting
  • Ecommerce Hosting Solutions
  • Mobile App Solutions
  • 3rd Party Application Integration
  • Engineering and Planning Consulting
  • Enterprise Resource Planning Solutions
  • Product Support & Maintenance
  • Help Desk Support Solutions
  • Videoconference and Telemedicine Solutions
  • Audio Visual Systems Solutions
  • Clinical Simulation Solutions
  • E-learning System Solutions



    • Registered Company Name: EcomSphere, LLC
    • Year Incorporated: January 12th 2010
    • State of Incorporation: Florida
    • Corporation Type: Limited Liability Company
    • County Code (3 digit): 086
    • Congressional District: 27
    • Metropolitan Statistical Area: 5000
    • D-U-N-S Number: 02-361-6427
    • Unique Entity ID: CE3SHNHMYH46
    • CAGE/NCAGE: 9N6M9